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Few places manage to leave such an intense and lasting memory in the soul of those who travel as India. When planning a trip to this land full of traditions and colors, rest assured that you will not return the same after this wonderful adventure. Mountains, paths immersed in nature and incomparable sceneries.

India - New Delhi | Buddhism and monasteries

The capital New Delhi is among the cities that could teach us more than we can imagine, the colors, the scents of the city and its population which is very sociable and cheerful. Rich in monasteries and places to rediscover one's own spirituality. Buddhism and monasteries One of the oldest religions in the world is Buddhism, based on life teachings that lead us to inner satisfaction and consequently to peace of mind. The basic principles of this doctrine teach the simple concepts that guide us to attain the inner light and make humanity eager to aspire to a life in complete harmony with others with generosity and kindness. To do this, our minds should be trained to maintain complete control over what we think, but above all over our actions. Practicing Buddhism means relying on our internal strength that emerges from us, through two important factors, determination and a strong will, which we can draw on at any moment to transform situations into positivity. According to Buddha's "dharma" (law) only with full control of our mind will it be possible to reach the state of enlightenment. The Buddhist doctrine comes to meet us when, in the course of our life, we feel the need to reconnect with our inner "I", providing us with answers that only following a certain path will we be able to find. There are spiritual journeys to be made in India, the land that has been attracting many visitors for years, for its pristine environment, good food, but above all to begin spiritual journeys by coming into contact with the monasteries, which for centuries have been inhabited by Buddhist monks. The Indian population culturally speaking is rooted in spirituality, we are referring to the art of yoga, Ayurveda and all those who decide to abandon their lifestyle, to leave and seek answers.

Indian culture is closely linked to spirituality in daily life, having the opportunity to observe this population as they prepare to prepare for their prayers and rituals is an experience that will leave you with unforgettable memories.

A trip to India could reconnect us to ourselves, visiting one of the many Buddhist monasteries of the place, some are suggestively beautiful. Phuktal Monastery: one of the most isolated monasteries, ideal for those used to hiking and looking for solitude and inner peace. To reach this monastery you must have a good trekking base behind you because it is located inside a cave with huts arranged in a honeycomb, inhabited by the monks who will involve you in their daily prayers. The Tsuglagkhang residence: here lives and stays the Dalai Lama, in a beautiful pine forest and simply furnished. He will come into contact with nature to begin the real journey with our inner self. Thiksey Monastery: located in a fairytale setting it is one of the most important monasteries, built on a hill, an imposing white structure gives its best at sunset. A golden statue of the Buddha of over 13 meters is placed in front of the entrance to protect the monastery. The Tawang Monastery: this is the largest monastery in India, ranking second among the largest in the world.

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2023 tours and travels India New Delhi by MineBooking
2023 tours and travels India New Delhi by MineBooking

Built on a mountain, the place, as legend has it, was chosen by the Lama's horse. During a ride in search of the place to build the monastery, the Lama prayed that the right place would be shown to him, while his horse disappeared. When he found it in that same place he built the monastery which he called Tawang (chosen by the horse).