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Finnish - Lapland between reindeer and caviar

Both during the Christmas period and in the first two months of the year, there are valid reasons to start the journey from the Arctic Circle: the first, to take a trip to Rovaniemi, the official city of Santa Claus.

Explore the Sami culture, starting with the reindeer sleigh

In the far north, there is such an ancient people: they are company of reindeer and Aurora's neighbors. They have a unique tradition, language and lifestyle. They are called the last Aborigines in Europe.They are the legendary Sami people. Do you want to know the culture and life of the Sami people? Then you must first understand the reindeer! Reindeer play an important role in the life of the Sami people: the accessories of the Sami people are made of reindeer skin and the daily necessities are made of reindeer bones and horns. Reindeer are also an important source of food and transportation for the Sami people. It can be said that without the reindeer there would be no Sami people. The total population of the Sami is less than 70,000, of which 40,000 are in Norway, one of the smallest indigenous peoples in the world. In the reindeer farm in Tromso, Norway, there are more than 200 wild reindeer. You can not only get in touch with them up close, but also interact intimately with these adorable creatures. Reindeer are very docile, you can touch them with courage, feed them something, they will run to fight for food, you will be cute to them!

As a couple or as a family, the atmosphere is suggestive and romantic, it seems to be in a storybook. The second and no less noble reason is to discover one of the most sought after flavors in the world: Kalix Eggs, a town overlooking the beautiful scenery of the Finnish Sea.

Kalix caviar is produced only for five weeks a year with an ancient technique handed down by local families.

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The purity of the water and the craftsmanship make it a gastronomic rarity.